It is a fact that a generation ago, diabetes was viewed as a relatively rare disease. On the other side, it is a fact that just generations ago, the sitting furniture, like armchair, sofa and couch was relatively rarely common in households.Just generations ago, diabetes type two was affecting the middle-aged and elderly. On the other side, just generation ago only the middle aged and elderly were spending significant amount of time sitting on upholstered, cushioned or padded sitting place.

Now, it appears that an “epidemic” is raging in every industrialized country, afflicting every socioeconomic and age group. On the other side in every industrialized country modern upholstered sitting furniture is much more common than what it was just a few decades ago.

The change of the sitting furniture changes the biomechanics of sitting.

The change of the biomechanics changes the body’s biochemistry.

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Biomechanics and Weight Loss

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