Some actors (for example; Robert De Niro and most recently-Renee Zellweger), chose to gain extra body weight for their role in the movie. They successfully gained weight for a particular role, and after the movie has been completed, in a short time, they quickly lost the previously gained weight and regained their previous appearance.For “Obesity Scientists” of all kind (doctors, health guru, health activist, science correspondents, and most of the public in general) it is one proof for them, that everyone who gains weight can lose this weight following this guideline; for weight loss eat less – exercise more.

They use this examples to strengthen their pre-existing belief in the theory which says that to gain weight, we must eat more and exercise less, and to lose weight, we must eat less and exercise more (“a simple mater of balance”…?).

Question; when millions of people of all age try unsuccessfully to lose weight, how is it possible that some actors are able, seemingly so easily, gain and lose the body weight?

Answer; before some actor or actress starts to try to gain weight for their role, he or she already has in mind …….. [The full text of this article is in the book]


Biomechanics and Weight Loss – B/W Edition

Biomechanics and Weight Loss – Colour Edition

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