The purpose of doing postural and motor skill exercises is to improve the ability to support and to carry your own body weight.

The factors that enable us to support and to carry our body weight are; postural strength, postural stability and motor skills.

Postural strength enables us to support the body weight against the pull of the Earth’s gravity. Basically, the postural strength depends of the strength of the muscles, bones, joints and ligaments.

Postural stability enables us to maintain the body in an upright position, and this involves the sense of balance and postural strength. It is reflected in the physical activity of the muscles that are coordinated by the sense of balance.

Motor skills (gross motor skill) enable us to perform locomotion like walking, running, jumping, climbing, swimming, diving, etc.


The postural strength level is to a greater extent determined by the weakest point of the musculoskeletal system. For example, we can have a strong upper body and strong legs, but if the abdominal muscles are weak than our postural strength to a greater extent determined by the strength of the abdominal muscles……. [The full text of this article is in the book]


Biomechanics and Weight Loss – B/W Edition

Biomechanics and Weight Loss – Colour Edition


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