Many women never had a problem with excessive body weight till pregnancy, and the first time they experienced this problem in weight control was after pregnancy. The reason for this is that pregnancy causes emotional and physical changes which cause changes of the gait pattern and body posture.The type of body posture and type of gait patterns reflect the way how muscles, bones and joints work against the pull of the Earth’s gravity and on the other side; it determines the strength and distribution of the mechanical stimulations on the body.

Changes in the gait patterns and changes in the body posture, at the same time means the change of the body biomechanics. Any change of body biomechanics causes changes in the body biochemistry.

The change of the gait pattern and change of the body posture causes the change…… [The full text of this article is in the book]


Biomechanics and Weight Loss – B/W Edition

Biomechanics and Weight Loss – Colour Edition


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