There is no country in the world where obesity is not rising and on the other side, no country has successfully tackled problem of obesity and the reason for that doesn’t lie in people’s lack of will to change their lifestyle, but it is because the basic science of weight gain and weight loss is based on misconceptions. The basic science about weight gain/weight loss is wrong and that is the reason that till now, no one was able to pinpoint the real factors that in recent decades caused huge increases of obesity and the severity of obesity.

In this book, there is a ground breaking discovery of the biological basis of fat formation on the body and the underlying mechanism of the body fat distribution. Discoveries revealed in this book will enable to efficiently and effectively solve the problem of obesity.

The first part of this book contains five chapters.

  • In chapter one, it will be explained that the basic knowledge about weight gain and weight loss is based on a misconception.
  • Chapter two will explain the biological basis of weight gain and weight loss, including the body fat mass formation.
  • Chapter three will explain the underlining mechanism of body weight distribution, including the body fat distribution.
  • Chapter four will explain the biomechanics of sitting and as well as how the sitting furniture determines to a greater extent the biomechanics of sitting. In this chapter, it will be explained how the cure for diabetes type 2 can be far simpler than a man could have imagined. In the same chapter, it will be explained that change of the sitting furniture in recent decades are responsible for the increase in overweight and obesity, and is also responsible for the epidemics of certain negative health conditions.
  • In chapter five, the underlining mechanism of weight gain and weight loss will be explained using examples like excessive skin, gynecomastia etc.

Also, this book will explain why humans are the only ones who are able to gain over 500% or more body weight above their normal body weight, and why all other species are not.

It is not only going to explain the biological basis of body fat formation, but it will also explain the biological basis of bone mass formation like why bones are getting bigger in size etc.

I pinpointed the change in the environment that has occurred over the past few decades that has caused such an increase in the prevalence and severity of obesity.

In this book, I will explain why obese parents are many more times likely to raise obese children, and how to prevent and reverse this problem.

In the second part of this book, the POSTURAL AND MOTOR SKILL EXERCISES will be described for the first time ever, which will enable everyone in a short time to cure obesity and to improve their own health and wellbeing (the second part of the book has an introduction on its own).

This book will enable the human race again to live without fear from obesity and to have normal relations with food, as the majority of the world population used to do just a few decades ago. 


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